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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA)
Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program

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This comprehensive site is designed to specifically help both Trucking Companies and CDL Truck Drivers learn and understand the FMCSA’s CSA Transportation safety program by offering a wide variety of information and resources. CSA is now fully operational and activities like random road side inspections, warning letters, and interventions are fully being enforced.

Click here for your free reportThe main purpose and mission of CSA is to become more effective and efficient together with industry and state partners to achieve its mission of reducing commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes, fatalities, and injuries.

Key Features of CSA are to:

  • Increase the opportunity to have contact with more carriers and drivers.
  • Enhanced data collection to improve performance measurements that identify high risk carrier and driver behaviors.
  • Apply a wide range of interventions to correct high risk behaviors before they become chronic, habitual, and even deadly.

Carriers and drivers are both experiencing CSA changes and finding solutions for proactive steps that include implementing a measurable, results-oriented safety program. Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in providing consulting and training services to the trucking industry. It offers the Infinit-i™, web-based safety training and information solution to help you meet and exceed the requirements of CSA. Infinit-i is utilized by the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the IMTA (Indiana Motor Trucking Association) for their members on- demand safety program.

Online solutions give you the ability to track your drivers' safety training anytime, anywhere. Infinit-i provides you with an extensive library of trucking specific safety and training videos at no additional cost as well as the ability for your company to upload unlimited content specific to your organization. This provides you and your driver’s ongoing real time training to address the 7 BASICs of CSA. Infinit-i is the ONLY system on the market today that is inherently designed to affect positive behavioral change in your drivers.

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