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CSA 2010 Insurance Awareness Tracking Education

How will your policyholders be impacted by FMCSA CSA?

Vertical Alliance Group offers an affordable, yet practical three-step solution to your clients' CSA education and training needs:

CSA 2010 Insurance Awareness Tracking Education

A. Awareness

B. Education

C. Tracking & Reporting

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“Vertical Alliance Group (VAG) has proven to be a excellent, service-oriented partner for the Lockton clients we mutually share. Their Infinit-i™ solution provides my clients with the ability to quickly and easily adopt technology into their safety and accident prevention program resulting in measurable efficiency and improved bottom-line results. In just a few words, they are very customer focused and can be counted on to provide what they promise.”

~ Edward J. Newman, Vice President – Risk Services/Lockton Companies, LLC

WHY Infinit-i™ ?

VAG’s Infinit-i™ can help your clients remain fiscally healthy. Please read the following Whitepaper discussing how Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT), using Infinit-i™ platform Increases Revenue, Improves Operating Ratio and Delivers ROI.

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Your firm could be eligible to obtain licenses for your clients at a reduced cost

VAG can also provide you with preferred pricing for your clients as a means to further demonstrate the value you deliver to your policyholders.

Your firm can utilize as a means for obtaining new clients.

CSA will impact the trucking industry like no other DOT initiative in history. By demonstrating to prospective clients that you are well educated in these new regulations, you gain their trust as an underwriter who can guide them through the transition to CSA and help them avoid fines, interventions or “Out of Service” determinations.

Opportunity to become a sponsor on is the #1 private website in the world dedicated to delivering critical up-to-date information on CSA. Thousands of carriers and shippers of all sizes rely exclusively on this website as to how CSA will impact their business.

Your firm can use Infinit-iTM to better communicate with clients.

VAG’s Infinit-i™ gives you a communication method that is like having an intranet for each and every client. You can email important messages and notices, or setup an online library of documents that your clients can access anytime they wish. You can also deploy slide presentations, videos or other informational materials designed to help your policyholders reduce risk.

Access to VAG’s CSA consultants for educating clients, agents, producers, etc.

As a preferred partner, you receive access to our dedicated team of professionals that are available to help your internal and external customers better understand the impact of CSA.

Our ROI calculator demonstrates that this investment is less than a penny per mile.

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