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CSA FMCSA Glossary of Acronyms

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BASIC-Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories

CMV-Commercial Motor Vehicle

CR-Compliance Review

CRWR-Compliance Review Work Group

CSA-Comprehensive Safety Analysis

CSMS-Carrier Safety Measurement System

DIR-Driver Information Resource

DSMS-Driver Safety Measurement System

FMCSA-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

FMCSR-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

HAZMAT-Hazardous Materials

HMR-Hazardous Materials Regulations

HOS-Hours of Service

LTCCS-Large Truck Crash Causation Study

MCMIS-Motor Carrier Management Information System

MCSAP-Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program

NGA-National Governors Association

NTSB-National Transportation Safety Board


PU-Power Unit

PRISM-Performance and Registration Information Systems Management

SafeStat-Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System

SEA-Safety Evaluation Area

SFD-Safety Fitness Determination

SMS-Safety Measurement System

USDOT-US Department of Transportation

VSAS-Violation Severity Assessment Study


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