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FMCSA Safety Management Cycle Compliance CSA

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Monitoring and Tracking Meaningful Action Policies and Procedures
Training and Communications Qualification and Hiring Roles and Responsibilities

1-Policies And Procedures: Up

  • Infinit-i™ can help you establish Standard Operating Procedures regarding each BASIC
  • Infinit-i™ can be used to communicate and train Best Practices Infinit-i™ will establish, track and report minimum acceptable behavior
  • Infinit-i™ has proven training in-place as it relates to each of the seven BASIC’s.
  • Who should be trained – drivers, dispatchers, managers, mechanics, etc – Infinit-i™ has an extensive library of training for each.
  • How will training be documented – Infinit-i™ has third-party reporting to legally document and protect you.
  • What are the procedures to accomplish this training – Infinit-i™ will schedule necessary training and track when training has been completed.

2- Roles and Responsibilities: Up

  • What is the role of each department’s personnel in the company as it relates to a specific BASIC – Infinit-i™ has an extensive training library for all departments including Drivers, Dispatchers, Billing, Sales, Recruiting, Maintenance, and many more.
  • Who is responsible to manage attention to a particular BASIC? e.g. BASIC – Vehicle Maintenance – Head of Maintenance Dept. – Not to worry. Infinit-i™ will manage when individuals should take necessary training and report when it has been successfully completed.

3- Qualification And Hiring: Up

  • What is your minimum acceptable driver safety ranking in each BASIC – Infinit-i™ can be used for properly screening and testing of prospective drivers.
  • Has insurance carrier given guidelines – Insurance company guidelines can be integrated into Infinit-i™ ensuring all new drivers meet their criteria.
  • What about existing drivers in your fleet? Do they meet your entrance criteria – Infinit-i™ offers testing following each training course allowing you to measure the learning effectiveness of each driver.

4- Training And Communication: Up

  • All safety training should be mandatory for all personnel involved – Infinit-i™ has an extensive library of training for all personnel in your company.
  • Training specific to each BASIC should be provided – Infinit-i™ has a successful training program for each of the seven BASIC’s.
  • Training should focus on the potential violations in each BASIC – Infinit-i™ ‘s training provides drivers with more exposure and awareness of consequences of violating any of the seven BASIC’s.
  • Training should be more or less continuous – Infinit-i™ offers web-based training making it accessible 24/7.
  • Reminder Safety messages should be communicated regularly and with certainty – Infinit-i™ has automatic reminder messages regarding training courses necessary to complete.
  • Training should be short, concise and focused on one topic at a time – Infinit-i™ provides courses that are between 4-7 minutes in duration maximizing the attention of the individual.
  • All training should be tested and test scores communicated to management – All of Infinit-i™’s training courses come with thorough testing that are tracked and reported to management.
  • Minimum acceptable test scores should be required – Infinit-i™ offers multiple options for determining minimum acceptable test scores.

5- Monitoring And Tracking: Up

  • Regular monitoring of driver and carrier safety status is a must. New Carrier ratings and driver rankings each month! Infinit-i™ will impact behavioral change ensuring your driver and carrier safety status is never a concern.
  • Regular monitoring of safety training completed for each BASIC is a must. You must know what training your drivers on the road have had and when. – Infinit-i™ keeps track of all completed training courses and provides third-party reporting that verifies the specific date and time of each completed course.
  • Management review safety training reports monthly – Vertical Alliance Group will automatically email weekly reports to our customers documenting all training completed for the respective week; at no additional charge!

6- Meaningful Action: Up

  • Drivers actions effect carriers safety scoreInfinit-i™ is the most successful training solution that can impact positive behavioral change in your drivers protecting your safety score.
  • Immediate remediation required if violation occursInfinit-i™ can offer targeted training courses for violations and track the progress of the driver.
  • No exceptionsInfinit-i™ will notify you if a driver does not complete required training.
  • Respond to Warning Letters with quick action will reduce off-site and on-site investigations.

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