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  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) CSA brings many changes to the ways carriers AND drivers will be required to address safety issues. This series of videos will provide the trucking industry a brief overview of what CSA is, how it will affect their safety ratings, and steps they can take to avoid violations.
  • NOTE: FMCSA continues to fine-tune its CSA program and its Safety Measurement System (SMS) as it strives to create a data-driven safety enforcement program. Since its inception, the CSA program has changed with public input and by all signs will continue to change as the agency focuses on the behavior of truck and bus companies that present a higher safety risk. We have updated our CSA modules to reflect changes slated to become effective December 2012.
  • This overview is the introductory piece to a series of informational videos designed to give the trucking industry a better understanding of how CSA affects them with emphasis on the recent developments that are expected to become effective in December of 2012. Major changes include: Moving cargo/ load securement violations into the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC; Changing the Cargo Related BASIC to the HazMat Compliance BASIC and changing the name of the Fatigued Driving BASIC to the HOS Compliance BASIC.
  • Our comprehensive diver training library will have a positive effect on reducing needless FMCSA violations.

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