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CSA Controlled Substances Alcohol Basic Training Video

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  • Operation of a commercial motor vehicle while impaired by or in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other substance that renders the driver incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Roadside inspection violations involving controlled substances or alcohol. Crash reports citing driver impairment or intoxication as a cause. Positive controlled substances or alcohol test results on drivers.

How Infinit-i™ can help IMPROVE your company

  • Aptly named because of its limitless potential to deliver training and information to all departments in your company, Infinit-i™ enables you to upload content in ANY form (videos, power points, pdf's, images, word documents, html, excel spreadsheets, even reports from proprietary applications).
  • This gives you the power to completely customize your company's training - even for individual users - and create tests for the uploaded content. Use any of the dozens of pre-produced modules that come standard with Infinit-i™, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content, with appropriate releases from the license holder.
  • The Infinit-i™ solution also comes with our acclaimed customer service. We provide your designated administrators with step-by-step, comprehensive training that ensures smooth implementation and daily management.

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