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What Does Your DAC, PSP, MVR and Criminal/Infraction Say?

Here at Vertical Alliance Group and we have found companies are hiring again. We recommend that before you apply, you find out what potential employers will see so companies don not reject your application for "falsification" and not accept another app from you for 6 months.

At a minimum, we highly recommend you see what your CSA 2010 "PSP" report (inspections/crashes), DAC Report, MVR and Criminal/Infraction Report show.

There’s one service that can show you what potential employers will see.
Driver's Get your DAC, MVR and More

DOTJobHistory has two plans--the Basic Plan is just $39. This plan gets you your:

  • DAC Report (There are tools to use on site to correct if it is wrong.) Also includes list of companies that have looked at your DAC Report in past two years.

  • MVR (Available from most states, there may be a state fee charge)

  • Infraction/Misdemeanor/Felony Record Scan (This report is often not on the DAC Report but employers still obtain, and even if you do not have a record, these reports sometimes show that you do. You should correct this.)

  • Identity Authentication/SSN check (An SSN check is typically one of the first things an employer will check.

  • **New** CSA2010 PSP Report Access (DOTJobHistory has added a direct link enabling you to obtain your PSP report instantly, and securely store and review. There is no up-charge over the $10 payable to the government contractor.)

The Premium Plan is $109 and buys the entire package above PLUS:

  • Your past 6 years of employment history and earnings from the IRS-regardless of whether the company is a member of HireRight/DAC or has gone out of business. Proof of past employment can be the difference in obtaining the job you want.

You select your plan when you register with DOTJobHistory here

Driver's Get your DAC, MVR and More

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