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FMCSA CSA Driving Practices Video Training Section

This section covers proper inspection, operation, and driver maintenance of the commercial vehicle physical equipment.

Click here for your free reportBacking a Rig Safely-Goes through simple steps to make backing a rig in tight corners easier... and more.

Changing Lanes-Describes possible hazards associated with changing lanes; emphasizes the importance of executing a lane change correctly... and more.

Hours of Service-Discusses hours of service rules to compute legal driving times; covers Federal regulations regarding truck driver driving limits.. and more.

Railroad Crossing-Explains proper procedures for crossing railroad crossings; demonstrates the importance of observing railroad crossings... and more

Seatbelts-Defines the seat belt and explains its intended uses; illustrates how seat belts prevent wearers from being thrown from the vehicle... and more

Stop and Traffic Signs-Demonstrates various stop and traffic signs seen while in transit; explains right of way rules regarding various types of stop sign... and more


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