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CSA Load Management and Hazmat Video Training Section

SClick here for your free reportubjects in this section address important load management practices, including the loading of various types of trailer and cargo including Hazmat material.

Cargo Securement-Delineates the common elements of a securement system and the types of articles usually secured... and more.

Coupling a Trailer-Covers procedures for coupling a trailer, including methods of approach, positioning, proper awareness of persons and objects around the trailer... and more.

Uncoupling a Trailer-Covers procedures for uncoupling a trailer, emphasizing the importance of solid ground, proper contact, and post-inspection... and more.

Vol. 1 Hazardous Materials Transport-Defines hazardous materials, list various forms of hazardous materials that are often encountered, and introduces the core concepts of Hazardous Materials... and more

Vol. 2 Hazardous Materials Transport-Describes how to correctly fill out shipping papers for an identified hazardous material; instructs as to placard requirements... and more.

Vol. 3 Hazardous Materials Transport-Explains the procedure for reporting hazardous materials to emergency responders and proper filing requirements... and more.

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