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CSA Road Accident Prevention Video Training Section


Click here for your free reportSubjects in this section address specific hazards encountered while on the road, and provide specific guidance with regards to accident prevention.

Adverse Driving Conditions-Reinforces the safety practices used to drive and work in inclement weather.... and more.

Distracted Driver: Cell Phones-Emphasizes the dangers of driver distraction during the operation of a commercial vehicle... and more.

Jackknifing-Defines the scenario known as jackknifing; describes the physics of the event... and more.

Road Rage-Defines the phenomenon called Road Rage and the causes of the event... and more

Tailgating-Discusses the importance of not tailgating and appropriate following distances for certain conditions... and more.

Bridges and Overpasses-Describes the potential hazards and dangers of bridges and overpasses to large commercial vehicles... and more.

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