Infinit-i Boot camp

FMCSA CSA Roadside Inspections Video Training Section

This series of videos can help your drivers learn what to expect from a roadside inspection and how they should respond to the inspection officer. Your drivers will learn how they can promote a positive outcome.

Roadside Inspection Procedures-Helps familiarize drivers with roadside inspection procedures... and more.

Roadside Inspection Conduct-Reminds drivers of the importance of presenting paperwork in a professional way... and more.

Roadside Inspection Documentation-Reviews the documents a driver might be asked for... and more.

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This informative, 11 page report details how CSA2010 will affect the trucking industry, what your company and drivers can do to prepare for CSA2010, and how to maintain compliance with the FMCSA under this new initiative. In addition, we'll show you through case studies and other examples how Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. can help you increase efficiencies and reduce your operating costs in this tough economy.

A whitepaper from Jim Dodd, CFO of Southern Refrigerated Transport confirms using VAG's Infinit-i platform reduces expenses and increases ROI.

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