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Vertical Alliance Group’s Infinit-i online training and testing system is inherently designed to effect positive behavioral change in your drivers:

  • Increase Revenue and Fuel Savings
  • Improve Operating Ratio, Safety and Driver Retention
  • Deliver an attractive ROI, Prevent Fines and Reduce Violations 

You can completely customize your company's training - even for individual users - and create tests for the uploaded content. Use any of the dozens of pre-produced modules that come standard with Infinit-i, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content, with appropriate releases from the license holder.

The Infinit-i solution also comes with our acclaimed customer service and available “best practices” consulting to show you how to get the most out of your training programs. We provide your designated administrators with step-by-step, comprehensive training that ensures smooth implementation and daily management. But don't take our word for it. Read what Jim Dodd, CFO of Southern Refrigerated Transport has to say about Infinit-i and Vertical Alliance Group!

See for yourself!  Below are links to video clips of our driver training videos (please be patient, the video clips may require time to load depending on your Internet speed).

Road Accident Prevention-
This section addresses specific hazards encountered while on the road, and provide specific guidance with regards to accident prevention.

Load Management Cargo Securement Hazmat-
This section addresses important load management practices, including the loading of various types of trailers, cargo securement, and Hazmat.

Vehicle Handling and Upkeep-
This section covers proper inspection, operation, and driver maintenance of the commercial vehicle physical equipment and Pre/Post Trip Inspections.

Driving Practices-
This section deals with the driving practices of drivers actively involved in the operation of a commercial vehicle.

Roadside Inspections-
This series of videos can help your drivers learn what to expect from roadside inspections and how they should respond to the inspection officer. Your drivers will learn how they can promote a positive outcome.

Accident Response
Drivers learn how they should respond immediately following an accident, and what they can do to promote the most positive outcomes possible.

Component Inspections-
A thorough Pre and Post Trip Component Inspection can prevent costly breakdowns, save lives, and impact your company's bottom line.

Safe Lifting-
Proper equipment and techniques are critical when lifting and stacking cargo to prevent injury.

CSA Overview-
This series of videos will provide drivers and carriers a brief overview of what CSA is, how it will affect their safety ratings, and steps they can take to avoid violations and interventions.

Kelly Anderson CSA DRIVER Workshop -
Twelve Videos covering a different topic giving drivers all the information they need to fully understand how CSA will apply to them.

We can provide an online training and testing platform were drivers can be trained, tracked and tested all from an online website created for your company and tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like more information about our Infinit-i training capabilities please contact:

USA Office- Infinit-iTM Request Form

Canadian Partner- Peter Charboneau at 1-888-252-8511 x 501

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