Infinit-i Boot camp

FMCSA CSA Vehicle Handling and Upkeep Video Training Section

This section covers proper inspection, operation, and driver maintenance of the commercial vehicle physical equipment.

Pre-Trip Approach and Maintenance-Explains the importance of Pre-Trip Inspection and regular maintenance of the vehicle; describes common neglect of the vehicle... and more.
Exterior Power Unit and Trailer Inspection-Discusses the importance and proper procedure for inspecting the exterior power unit and trailer before transit... and more.
Cabin Interior – Pre-Trip Checklist-Demonstrates how to properly inspect the cabin interior of the vehicle before transit... and more.
Fuel Efficiency-Discusses the importance of fuel efficiency and provides an overview of fuel economy practices... and more

A whitepaper from Jim Dodd, CFO of Southern Refrigerated Transport confirms using VAG's Infinit-i platform reduces expenses and increases ROI.

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